Mannich Reaction

Mannich Reaction

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-The Mannich reaction is a classic example of three-component condensation reactions.

-Under acidic conditions, an amine and an aldehyde condense to form an iminium ion, which is attacked by an enolizable ketone. The Mannich reaction is an important carbon-carbon bond forming synthetic method.

-It is common to use preformed imines and react it with a ketone nucleophile (especially for stereoselective cases).

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The Mannich reaction is useful in synthesizing β-aminocarbonyl compounds, which are substructures commonly found in biologically active compounds. A number of asymmetric Mannich reactions have been developed. For example, Kobayashi developed the catalytic systems that can work in water.[1]


L-Proline catalyzes the enantioselective addition of aldehydes to imines.[2a] The proline analogue containing the carboxylic acid at a different position also catalyzes the reaction but with different relative stereochemistry.[2b] See the List-Barbas aldol reaction as reference.


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