Mitsunobu Reaction

Mitsunobu Reaction

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-A secondary alcohol reacts with diethyl azodicarboxylate (DEAD), triphenylphosphine (Ph3P), and benzoic acid to give a corresponding benzoyloxy derivative with the inversion of stereochemistry (SN2 path). The ester product can be hydrolyzed to the corresponding alcohol. Therefore, the Mitsunobu reaction is a useful way to effect stereoinversion of secondary alcohols.

-The reaction works under mild conditions and is used frequently in the synthesis of natural products and other complex compounds.

-A downside is the formation of many byproducts, which sometimes makes TLC monitoring and product purification difficult.

  • General References

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  • Reaction Mechanism

Since the basicity of the DEAD-Ph3P adduct is low, the nucleophile needs to have a reasonably acidic proton (pKa<13). If one wants simply to have stereoinversion, the use of more acidic p-nitrobenzoic acid instead of benzoic acid is an option as it tends to give higher yield (ref: Chirality 2000, 12, 346).

  • Examples

As summarized below, nucleophiles other than carboxylic acid can be used to synthesize a variety of products.

 mitsunobu_3.gifThe Mitsunobu reaction is a valuable tool to synthesize macrolactones.

 mitsunobu_9.gifTsunoda reagent: Allows weaker acids (having pKa>13) to react.[1]


With PhI(OAc)2 as the re-oxidant, DEAD can be used in substoichiometric amount.[2]


IPNBSH reagent developed by Movassaghi is used to deoxygenate alcohols (Movassaghi deoxygenation).


  • Experimental Procedure

Stereoinversion of a congested secondary hydroxyl group.[3]



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  • References

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