Tungstate Photocatalyst

Tungstate Photocatalyst

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Tetrakis(tetrabutylammonium) decatungstate (TBADT) is an organic solvent-soluble polyoxometalate compound that can act as a C-H abstraction catalyst under UV-activated conditions.

It can promote the generation of carbon radicals from otherwise stable tertiary and secondary C-H bonds. The functionalization of C(sp3)-H bonds is possible by trapping the radicals by suitable reagents.

TBADT is drawing an attention as a useful catalyst for C-H activation, the rapidly-growing subfield of organic chemistry.

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An example where sunlight is used for the reaction has been reported, even though the reaction time is long.[1]


Dehydrogenation of cyclooctane using TBADT-cobalt co-catalytic system.[2]


Construction of a quaternary stereogenic center with an organocatalyst[3]: TBADT catalyzes the abstraction of hydrogen from the catechol acetal.


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Preparation of TBADT.[1]


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