Regitz Diazo Transfer

Regitz Diazo Transfer

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Activated methylene compounds react with sulfonyl azides and related reagents to give the corresponding diazo compounds.

These diazo compounds are used as 1,3-dipoles or precursors of metal carbenoids. In the latter case, the metal carbenoids are used for such reactions as cyclopropanation and C-H insertion.

  • General References

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The diazo transfer does not occur at the α-position of simple ketones, and in those cases, the pre-introduction of formyl group is an effective approach.[1] Trifluroacetyl group can be used for the same purpose for more sensitive compounds.[2]

Inexpensive and readily synthesized N,N’-bistosylhydrazine is a useful reagent for the conversion of α-haloesters to α-diazoesters.[3]

The reagent that can convert azide to diazo group in a single step has been developed.[4]

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