Aromatic Meta Photocycloaddition

Aromatic Meta Photocycloaddition

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Aromatic rings and alkenes undergo [3+2] cycloaddition under photo-irradiated conditions. This reaction provides complex fused ring skeletons that are otherwise difficult to obtain. Synthetically speaking, site-selective intramolecular versions are especially useful.

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<Photochemical reactions in total synthesis>

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The reaction is considered to proceed via either the zwitterionic or biradical intermediate, with the α bond formation step being rate-determining. Since the product of competitive [2+2] cycloaddition is less stable, [3+2] cycloaddtion predominates.


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The synthesis of retigeranic acid.[1]


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[1] Wender, P. A.; Singh, S. K. Tetrahedron Lett. 1990, 31, 2517. doi:10.1016/0040-4039(90)80114-2

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