Semmler-Wolff Reaction

Semmler-Wolff Reaction

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The synthesis of anilines from the corresponding cyclohexenone oximes is known as the Semmler-Wolff reaction. Due to the competing Beckmann rearrangement, yields tend to be low under classical conditions.

  • General References

  • Semmler, W. Ber. 1892, 25, 3352.
  • Wolff, L. Liebigs Ann. Chem. 1902, 322, 351.
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A modified mothod using a palladium catalyst was developed to improve yields.[1] semmler_wolff_2

The synthesis of meta-substituted anilines.[2] semmler_wolff_3

An application to the synthesis of penitrem D.[3] semmler_wolff_5

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