Ben G. Davis

Ben G. Davis

Benjamin Guy Davis (August 8, 1970 -) is a British chemical and biochemical professor at the University of Oxford. (Photo quote:University of Oxford, Dept. of Chemistry)

• Education and Experiences

1993 Graduated from the University of Oxford
1996 Ph.D., the University of Oxford (Professor George Freet)
1996-1998 Doctoral researcher, the University of Toronto (Professor J. Bryan Jones)
1998 Associate Professor, Durham University
2001 Dyson Perrins Laboratory, the University of Oxford
2005 – Current Professor Dyson Perrins Institute, the University of Oxford

• Awards and Honors

1999 Meldola Medal and Prize
2015 Fellow of Royal Society (FRS)

• Research

His group is engaged in understanding molecular biology on synthetic biology, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry etc from the perspective of chemistry.

Synthesis of glycoproteins and related biofunctional chemicals

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Particularly, the group has made remarkable achievements in developing the protein modification method starting from a dehydroalanine residue.[1] Recently, they have developed an artificial protein post-translational modification method[2] that enables introduction of a wide variety of structural units based on radical conditions.

• References

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